What to Wear

Newborn Sessions
Newborns are photographed au naturale (aka in the buff). I will supply a selection of knitted hats, headbands, tiebacks, bowties, wraps, faux furs, blankets and backdrops. I also have a nice collection of baskets, buckets and other containers. If you have something special or handmade, please have it ready. I’d love to incorporate pieces of your life into your shoot.

Dads: I suggest that you wear a tight fitting v-neck/crew t-shirt with a good, snug pair of jeans.

Moms: Please bring a fitted top. Keep the color neutral and design simple. Be sure that you have a new manicure or no nail polish as your hands will make their way into the images. Also, rest assured, I aim to photograph using flattering angles and light to bring out the natural beauty in your family.

Sister(s): Please bring along a snug fitting tank/classic dress in a neutral color. I ask that girls hair be natural and free of bows, headbands, etc. No nail polish please.

Brother(s): A snug pair of jeans and shirtless are preferred, please take a few moments to chat with your guy about this so he feels prepared for the session - though if he prefers not, a tight-fitting neutral t-shirt is fine.

Baby/Child Portrait Sessions
I recommend wearing something more bold and colorful with a lot of texture to show off personality. This is an opportunity for your child to shine! For children, I usually recommend bare feet for indoors and boots or shoes that compliment their outfit for outside. I recommend clothing that has texture, such as: knitting, embroidery, dark faded denim, buttons and ruffles. This type of clothing tends to photograph well and adds a lot of visual interest. Just pick colors that compliment each other, like bright or deep colors (jewel tones like mustard yellow, deep purple, turquoise, dark pink, etc) and try to stay away from all white. I recommend investing in your child’s clothing for this session since it does make a huge difference in the final product. Search out local or online boutiques, they have a one-of-a-kind style.

Family Portrait Sessions
Choose a style you like and a few colors you like as well. I recommend having parents dress fashionable, yet simple and focus more of the funky, unique style on the kids. Dark jeans that have grit to them is always a great choice for the parents or especially the husband. If you are going to wear a print, stay away from small prints, there is not a lot of visual interest (think bold!). Continue to think about texture and color. You may think certain colors don’t go together, but again think out of the box and have fun! (see prepping guide for more details)

Maternity Sessions
I love to use simple clothing like wraps or fabric on Maternity shoots, a bandeau top (from H&M or Forever 21) and a skirt is a must it your comfortable showing your belly. A Maxi dress is also a staple, but your also welcome to incorporate your own clothing style like a flowing dress or jeans/leggins and a tank. Don’t forget to accessorize with jewelry, fun hats and even your ultrasound/ baby shoes!  I also have several Maternity gowns, just ask if you'd like to wear one.


Shopping Guide

Local Shops & Boutiques
• Gap
• H&M
• Forever 21
• Nordstrom
• J. Crew

Online Shopping
• Anthropologie
• Matilda Jane
• Oilily
• Unique Vintge
• Free People
• The Measure

Go to my Pinterest page; pinterest.com/sugarlovestudio. I have created ‘inspiration’ & ‘what to wear’ boards to help you plan your session. You can even start your own board just for your session! Start pinning clothing that inspires you & find out what stores they can be purchased from. This is a great start to a fun, yet daunting task!